How to start in Airsoft How to start in Airsoft
  Getting started in Airsoft is a challenge when you get exposed to the variety of gear and weapons that Airsoft offers. First,  you... How to start in Airsoft


Getting started in Airsoft is a challenge when you get exposed to the variety of gear and weapons that Airsoft offers. First,  you don’t need expensive gear and guns to have a great time, it just adds to the experience and later operations.

A Gun and Mask

So start by getting a good gun. It does not have to be expensive. Shop around and see what is out there before you buy. Be sure to sign up for online coupons or even visit your local Airsoft retailer to see, and put your hands on, items you are interested in.

Don’t run out and buy the most expensive gun you can find! Talk to fellow Airsofters and get their input on gear, you may even find out that you are not into the sport and you have gear you won’t use. One thing you should invest in is good eye protection and mask. Never skimp on safety.

Use caution with Mesh goggles and sun glasses because the force of the BBs can break or shatter them. Use Airsoft or Paintball masks or ANSI rated full seal glasses/goggles. Local fields will usually have masks and protection you can use for your first time playing.

Playing the Game

Once you have your gear and are headed to your first game, never expect yourself to be a master at the game, Airsoft and Mil-Sim take time to learn. Tactics you learn from Call of Duty Games won’t work on this level. Airsoft BBs do hurt, which should motivate you to use and learn better tactics.

Call your hits! Airsoft is a game of honor. When you are hit, always call “Hit” and either hold up a red “Dead Rag” or just put your gun/hands in the air in a Surrender Position.

If you don’t call your hits, people will not like you. When you start to get more into Airsoft, You should invest in a few extra magazines and either a plate carrier or a chest rig to hold those magazines. Many of these rigs/carriers can be bought rather inexpensively.

Team Roles

Some advice that I have heard several times is that new Airsofters seem to want to start in special positions like snipers and special warfare. In Airsoft and in real life snipers, most of their duties are intel for their teams and cover for movement. Remember to be humble, start at the easiest level, learn that and move up to more specialized team roles.

Roles Include:

Rifleman- Most common soldier typically uses a rifle such as an M-4, AK-47, or some variant.

Designated Marksman- is the fill in between Rifleman and Sniper. This Role engages more often and stays with the unit. Uses longer barreled rifles with mid range optics (scopes).

Grenadier- This is a team member who is essentially a rifleman, but also carries a grenade launcher or similar weapon. (Grenades, Rockets and Mines usually provide a 10ft elimination radius when used)

Support- This Role requires the player to provide covering fire for their team. Typically uses heavy weapons like a SAW, M249, RPK, and M240B. If you like belt fed rifles, this is your role.

Scout- This team role is all about being undetected for gathering information. Typically carries a rifle or carbine for moving fast and undetected.


Now that you have the info, do some research and find a place to play. Here is a link for finding fields around you:

Airsoft Underground

As for places to buy your gear, a simple google search will turn up a ton of results.

We hope to see you out there!

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