Personal Defense…Pen? Personal Defense…Pen?
By Brandon Butler, Director/Chief Instructor, TRS For the prepared citizen, carrying some sort of defense device is crucial. Be it a firearm, mace, tazer,... Personal Defense…Pen?
By Brandon Butler, Director/Chief Instructor, TRS

For the prepared citizen, carrying some sort of defense device is crucial. Be it a firearm, mace, tazer, or knife; there will always be places that ban the carrying of these weapons. Being the law abiding citizens we are, we will leave our weapons in our vehicles. I usually choose to patronize another business that values my rights and qualifications to carry a weapon. In some instances this is not the case, when I work as a Firefighter I am not allowed to carry a weapon. When I visit my friends at the schools or government buildings they work at, I am not allowed to carry any weapon. When I fly, I cannot carry a weapon…and so on and so on.

This brings us to a more creative way to defend ourselves. Your first line of defense should always be to avoid the situation, but if one gets past your first line you need a way to defend yourself.

IMG_4608There are plenty of self defense items on the market “disguised” as regular items, but these are still considered weapons, as they are the restricted item, just concealed. We came across this item and thought it may be a good item for last line personal defense in these environments.

These are pens, which are made of thick aluminum and designed with groves for grip and effectiveness in using them for defense. They have replaceable common pen inserts, found anywhere, and actually write very well. The pen is made by United Cutlery and priced at $20 so its well under a “designer” pen price.


Defense Pen 3

Breaking a grab.

It is utilized like a kubotan in defense. Self-defense strikes with this pen include bony, fleshy and nerve targets such as knuckles, forearms, bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck, eyes etc. The pen is usually held in either an icepick grip (for hammerfist strikes) or forward grip (for stabbing and pressure point attacks). Common uses include hardening the fist (fistload) for punching, attacking vulnerable parts of an assailant’s body, and gaining leverage on an assailant’s wrist, fingers and joints.

When testing out this item I used a friend, who is a small framed lady. Utilizing this pen after just a little time of instruction, she was easily able to break away and defend herself without problem. At one point, I was struck a little harder in the thigh than intended and was definitely left in no state to give chase. This pen works well and is very durable.

Defense pen 1

Thigh Strike.

As with any item you use for defense, practice is needed to properly understand the methods and techniques for the particular item. Research online in places like YouTube (our TRS Channel has links to some great videos.) techniques for the Kubotan or Defense Pen.  In times of crisis you body is only going to remember what it has physically done before. The time to think about what you need to do is gone, and your body will do what it remembers.

It is important to know that this is a defense device used to get you away from trouble, not eliminate it. As always, regardless of the situation, be the first to report the incident to the proper authorities.

*These can be found online in our store.


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