TRS is happy to announce our judgmental and marksmanship shooting simulator.
Practice your Fast Draw, IPSIC, IPDA, or your home defense, hunting skills, shot gun or hunting gun. The firearms simulator is the latest in technology. It incorporates projected images with  specialized training weapons to give you realism in a completely safe environment. This is a perfect venue for those who have never handled firearms up to more advanced shooters who want to hone skills such as faster transitions and shot placement.

Our simulator also allow us to train in “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” environments, testing decision making skills while focusing on safety and accuracy.

We also have a custom training option which allows our simulator to incorporate video from any venue we choose. Want to train your school or church security team? We can film scenarios in your facility for use on our simulator, giving you the familiar location and challenges associated with your location. *Call for pricing on the custom option*

First Responder scenarios are also available as part of our system. Every type of agency can benefit from this technology. For more information contact us at 501-835-3012.

Simulator Pricing:

$30 per 1/2 hour.

$50 per hour.

*Walk-In Customers are limited to one hour unless previously scheduled.

Learn more about our simulator by clicking on the photo below.



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