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Our firearms courses are available for both civilians and agencies. All courses are built for safe firearms handling with each course building on the...

Our firearms courses are available for both civilians and agencies. All courses are built for safe firearms handling with each course building on the previous to prepare an individual or team to utilize firearms for protection or law enforcement applications.

*All firearms courses are for qualified individuals meeting state standards for firearms possession or concealed carry.

Basic Handgun Course

Unfamiliar with firearms and want to become more comfortable with them, or are you already familiar with handguns and want to hone or develop your skills in the right setting?

TRS offers a basic handgun course which develops safety, knowledge and skills in a step by step process for the beginning or inexperienced shooter. Our basic course covers:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Basic Handgun Operation
  • Types and Calibers of Handguns
  • Fitting a Handgun to You
  • Dis-assembly and Cleaning of Firearms
  • Safe Firearm Storage
  • Applicable Firearm Laws
  • Hands on Range Time

If you are considering taking a basic handgun course, come see us and let us get you started in the right direction.

*Private and Group Classes Avalible

Contact us for current course tuition.


Arkansas Concealed Carry Course

Concealed Carry is an important right for all Americans. Being well informed and proper firearms instruction in the specifics of concealed carry is extremely important to both armed citizens and unarmed citizens.

At TRS we believe that you need more that “just enough to get by” to responsibly carry a firearm. Carrying a firearm is a much more complex action than most people realize. Our course is for the responsible armed citizen who wants to be properly informed and prepared for the right to carry.

Our One Day (6 hour) course instructs the participant in the following areas:

  • Firearms and Use of Force Laws
  • Choosing a Firearm for Self Defense
  • Situational Awareness
  • Avoiding Use of Force
  • Firearm Safety and Storage
  • Basic Understanding of Firearm Operation
  • Firearm Grip and Manipulation
  • Live Fire Training
  • Utilizing Cover and Protection
  • After the “incident” Planning and Understanding

Course includes all required instruction to meet the concealed carry requirements for the State of Arkansas.

 Arkansas CC Instructors:

Brandon Butler – Lic# 12-766

Click here to view/download our flyer.


Advanced CCL/Handgun

TRS offers an advanced CCL/Handgun course that can teach you how to react and train yourself for shooting in locations other than ranges. Defense of yourself and others while utilizing a handgun is more complex than most people realize. Our advanced CCL course teaches the following key points:

  • Safe Handgun Reinforcement
  • Review of Self Defense Laws
  • Firearm Retention
  • Drawing Your Firearm
  • Shooting Stances
  • Utilizing Cover
  • Shooting from Various Positions
  • Movement and Defense
  • Practical Scenarios/ Range Time

Contact us for more information and tuition pricing.



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