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Concealed Carry….from a Newbie Woman’s Perspective Concealed Carry….from a Newbie Woman’s Perspective
By: Morgan Ford, Asst. Director/ Editor, TRS I don’t have any previous experience with combat, rescue techniques, or firearms training, nor can I tell... Concealed Carry….from a Newbie Woman’s Perspective


By: Morgan Ford, Asst. Director/ Editor, TRS

I don’t have any previous experience with combat, rescue techniques, or firearms training, nor can I tell you the difference in armor, plates, or helmets. The only camouflage I’ve ever worn has been that of the Grand Prairie in Stuttgart, also known as the “Rice and Duck Capital of the World.”  A few months ago, the only gun I’d handled was a shotgun and the only thing I’d even “shot” was family portraits and memories through a camera lens. Needless to say, I am no expert and not long ago even the thought of carrying a concealed firearm intimidated me. Again, I say, I am not an expert.

I’ve now been trained and licensed to carry. Great news, right? As I am figuring out, there still is a lot more to learn and even more to practice and train on.

Concealed carry can be difficult at times. There is a great lapse in communicating the idea of concealed carry and the actual reality. I had aPileofpurses lot of questions. As a woman, how do I conceal if I want to wear a dress? A skirt? In my purse? On a hike? Where do I put it when I go to the bathroom? Some of these questions were addressed and some, more personal like the bathroom question, left unspoken. On a similar note, as a female, have you ever searched for a “Concealed Carry Purse” and found anything mildly attractive? Results of the search include everything from rhinestone bedazzled bags with small compartments to crossover purses that resemble something my grandmother carried when I was a child. Either way, finding a happy medium seemed impossible.

I believe strongly in carrying on your person whenever possible but, let’s face it, it’s not always possible. As an avid hiker and photographer, there are times when it feels impossible to carry all of my gear comfortably. Regardless, when I can’t carry on my person, I want to be able to carry my normal “purse” items as well as my concealed carry and the key points I’m looking for is Comfort, Accessibility, Safety, and yes, to a degree, Style. The purses in my closet reflect a wide range of style from Buddha “catch-all” totes to Fossil DSC_0044“messenger-style” bags. None of them currently fit the bill for the perfect “CCL bag” for me.

Needless to say, as a new concealed carry licensee, I’m searching for answers, for bags, for gear that fits me and my lifestyle comfortably. Hopefully in my search and reflections as a “newbie,” anyone can pick up a few tips and tricks, or even come up with your own questions or gear for me to review as well. Stay tuned for a female’s perspective, product reviews, and personal narrative of the Concealed Carry and Tactical Rescue world.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts?  I’d love to hear from you. Send me your suggestions, ideas, and comments to morgan@tacrescue.com.

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