Becoming a Badass: Get Out from Under the Bed and Defend Yourself Becoming a Badass: Get Out from Under the Bed and Defend Yourself
By Morgan F, Asst. Director/Editor, TRS I looked over my shoulder this morning. I double-triple checked the doors before turning in for the night. Central... Becoming a Badass: Get Out from Under the Bed and Defend Yourself

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By Morgan F, Asst. Director/Editor, TRS

I looked over my shoulder this morning. I double-triple checked the doors before turning in for the night.

Central Arkansas is on high alert due to the recent kidnapping and murder of a Crye-Leike Realtor. The community is discussing potential motive and patrolling for evidence as though we are members of the investigation unit. We have our theories, broadcasting them on social media, of course. We gossip and start rumors, igniting a violent frenzy of unsubstantial evidence laced in half-truths and un-truths. In this attempt to find answers, we delay accepting the reality of what is staring us in the face.

Safety. Precaution. Self-Defense. Awareness.

So many are posing questions as to the Realtor’s actions, the kidnapper’s intentions, etc. The “what if’s” fly from mouths into open ears and from fingertips onto social media screens but they are generally useless as there are no answers, no opportunities to amend the situation. Rather, we must move forward with intelligent awareness.

Be aware of your surroundings. If something feels eerie, trust your instinct. In my experience, chill bumps on the skin, a pit in your stomach, and “hair standing up on the back of your neck” are excellent truth tellers. Pay attention.

Don’t be stupid. You are not the exception to the rule. Things happen. As my dad always says, “Use your head for something other than jacking your ears apart.” Harsh reality? Think then act.

Be proactive not reactive. Learn how to defend yourself. Get your Concealed Carry License. Carry pepper spray, a stun gun, learn Aikido, etc. DO SOMETHING.

Don’t be (a)LONE(r). Stay with a group. Trust me, I know you are just fine on your own and can handle yourself (preaching to the choir, here!), BUT people are witnesses to YOU and the environment. We are all accountable for ourselves and our safety but,essentially, the more people around, the less likely you are to be a target and if, heaven forbid, you become a target, the more opportunities for help, for witnesses, are nearby.

Self-defense is scary, isn’t it? Just thinking about all of the bad things that can happen can send you into a tailspin complete with a panic attack, pervasive anxiety, and a genuine fear of leaving the safety of your home. I was afraid for a very long time. Afraid of everything. I was afraid of guns because of being assaulted at gunpoint. I, too, was alone with a man with ill intentions but I was somehow able to survive. For years after, I wanted nothing to do with guns or self-defense as it was easier to let other people protect me while hiding from reality.

Life isn’t always better hiding under the bed. Don’t you know that’s the first place the bad guys look? If you stay under the bed, you’re just a lump under the bed. Why not be the badass ready to protect yourself? Trust me, after being a lump, training to be a badass is far more exciting.

Fast forward to present-day and you know that I am a huge advocate of self-defense, concealed carry, and awareness. I’m in constant training to become not only a better shooter but a better survivor. You see, after all these years, I finally figured out that you can’t be a survivor if you aren’t living. In other words, it’s easier to always win at the casino if you never place a bet or put money in the machine. Duh!

If knowledge is power then we, as individuals, have the responsibility to gain further knowledge and training in developing our skills to protect our lives. We are responsible for our lives and our survival. People will ill intentions are a reality and even though it’s intimidating and anxiety-inducing to think that such people are in the world, by not-thinking about it, we are victimizing ourselves in ignorance. Let’s be smart about this and instead of having people ask “what if” about a tragedy, let’s be ready to discuss “how the badass survived the bad guy.”

Information on Concealed Carry classes and training, as well as self-defense items like stun guns can be found through TRS: Tactical Rescue Services. Here you’ll find an immense amount of training opportunities and items in the online store that will better complete your ability to defend yourself in a time of crisis.

Want an example of a real-life badass?
Check out “I Shot My Stalker Tonight,” the story of a woman who defended herself when she woke up to the sound of her stalker kicking in her door who was “left in disbelief at what was waiting for him on the other side.”

Check out The Girl in Cowboy Boots, the original version of this post from Morgan’s blog featuring her story and work to promote awareness.

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