The Springfield 1911 Range Officer…A pistol styled in history with modern accuracy.
By Brandon Butler, Chief Instructor, TRS At first glance the 1911 range officer looks like any other classically design 45. It has the classic look, feel, and function of the original 1911. Springfield Armory went one up and gave this 1911 features that make it well worth the price... Read more
Ladies: How to choose your pistol by TacTissy
Fastpacking Adventure And Survival Training (FAAST) Courses
We just finished putting together our new FAAST course. The purpose of this course is to train participants who want to learn how to do an overnight hike carrying only what they need. This course teaches how to choose your gear, learning where to conserve weight and where to... Read more
Hi-Lift First Responder
We are excited to now be a Hi-Lift Dealer and specialize in the new Hi-Lift First Responder jack. This is a great tool for the rescue service, as its a multi-use extrication tool that pulls, spreads, clinches, lifts and hold loads upwards of 7,000 pounds. The bonus is its... Read more
Warrior Dash 2013

Warrior Dash 2013

General May 12, 2013 0

This past Saturday Team TRS competed in our first mud/obstacle run together. It was a great and a fun experience, one that threw us back to being a kid and getting to play in the mud! The Warrior Dash series of races that we have individually experienced (before racing... Read more
2013 SHOT Show – Wrap Up
If you followed us on Facebook back in January you saw quite a few pictures of things to come at this years SHOT Show. We do apologize that there weren’t more pictures, but the photo Nazis at this years show prevented many of us from getting more photos. While... Read more
by Tactical Rescue Services ONEBoat R1i-series Inflatable Rescue Boats Tactical Rescue Services is now a Rescue One Inflatable dealer. These boats are designed for rugged rescue work, but are actually great for everyone. These boats have a price low enough for every budget, but quality in construction and durability.... Read more
My First Action Pistol Match
By Sherry Caldwell, Tac-Rescue Girl and TRS Assistant Instructor On Saturday March 23rd, I competed in my first International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) match at the Benton Shooting Range, put together by the Benton Gun Club. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous having never shot in... Read more
Ignorance when buying a handgun, by TacTissy
Great commentary video from TacTissy on choosing a handgun. Be sure to check out her channel and her FB page. For her Youtube channel click here. For her FB Page click here. Let her know we sent you. *TacTissy is a personality... Read more
Concealed Carry Instruction
by Brandon Butler, Director/Chief Instructor TRS Choosing the place that you get your concealed carry instruction from should be an educated decision and one that is well researched. There are hundreds of Concealed Carry “Instructors” certified each week. This leads the idea that you need to be careful who... Read more
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