Elimination Rules:

Each player in a team tries to eliminate every single player on the other team without getting hit.

Capture the Flag:

  • Flag Placement: Each team’s flag must be placed at the home base, and be easily visible from 360 degrees. The flag may not be tied tightly or otherwise secured.
  • Stealing a Flag: A player may ‘steal’ the enemy’s flag by removing it from their base.
  • Carrying a Flag: While carrying a flag, at least half the flag must remain visible (a player cannot hide it in his/her pocket.) If the player is shot while carrying a flag, drop the flag on the ground where he/she was shot. The player may also choose to drop the flag at any time of your own free will (although you may not throw the flag to another player; simply lay it on the ground).
  • Dropped Flags: A dropped flag may be picked up by either team. If it is picked up by a member of its owning team, the flag must be returned to the base.
  • To Capture a Flag: To capture the enemy’s flag, the opposing player must deliver it to his/her own base and place it alongside his/her team’s flag. If the flag is not currently at his/her own base, the game is not over.
  • Death: When a player is shot, he/she must raise both hands above the head and walk back to the base, where he/she may re-enter play.

Pistol Only:

  • Only pistols are allowed. The use of rifles, bayonets and other firearms are excluded during the game.

“Pistol Only” Variations:

  • All players are limited to pistols and are only allowed 8 BBs—no more, no less—in his/her pistol magazine.
  • If any player fires his/her 6th shot, they’re considered a Rogue. Once the 6th shot is fired, he/she must remove his/her Team Tag. Rogues belong to no team and can be killed by any team or by any other Rogue. Note: Once the 6th shot is fired, the Rogue has 2 shots left.
  • Knife kills are permitted. If a player is touched by a person from the opposite team, that player is considered “killed by knife,” and all rules apply as if they were shot.

VIP / Assassination / Body Guards:

Team A: The team starts on one end of the field and waits there. They choose a specific player who is weaponless or lightly armed. He must stand out from the group in some way. The other team is told beforehand who the VIP will be.

They must transport the VIP from one end of the field to another without getting him killed. Everyone else can be killed, but he must make it to the pre-determined point.

Optional: If there is a road/path on the playing field, a rule can be set that Team A can only stay on the determined path. Like real-life situations, this makes it so that the other team has an idea of where they will be. It can also be made that Team A has different paths to choose, which increases difficulty for Team B.

Team B: The team sets up somewhere between Team A’s starting point and the objective point (place where the VIP needs to get to). They will hide, camp, ambush, and do whatever they choose when the enemy comes; they just need to take down the VIP. Everyone else they kill doesn’t influence the scenario; the only way to win is to hit the VIP.

 Hostage Rescue:

  • Extraction Point: Prior to the start of the game, an extraction point is agreed upon and set a fair distance from the terrorist base (preferably out of the line-of-sight.)
  • Hostages: The four hostages are represented by helium-filled balloons on strings with weights attached to the bottoms. A hostage is considered dead if the balloon is shot. Prior to the start of the game, the terrorist team may hide the four hostages anywhere in their base (either all together or split up.)
  • Rescuing a Hostage: A SWAT member must carry the balloon to the Extraction Point. Hostages must be carried in a SWAT member’s hand(s)—the weight may not be placed in a pocket, or be attached by the string to the rescuer’s body. Each SWAT member may only carry two hostages—at most—at a time. Once a Hostage has been delivered to the Extraction Point, the Hostage is considered rescued and cannot be killed.
  • Draw Games: If two Hostages have been rescued and the other two remain alive and captive at the end of the time limit, the game is considered a draw.
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