Tip of the week. Layering your EDC.

Concealed Carry Feb 23, 2017 0

How do you layer your Every day carry (EDC)? Your EDC is what you equip yourself for daily life. Some days you want to carry more than other days. Here is a quick video to explain some of our... Read more

Tip of the Week – Testing out the Wefire by UST

Disaster Preparedness Feb 12, 2017 0

On a camping trip we decided to test out several fire starting methods. In... Read more

TRS Tip of the Week – Covert Hiding Places

Concealed Carry Feb 4, 2017 0

Here is a tip on how to covertly hide items you may need in... Read more

Medical Gear, Know what you are buying.

Firearms Jan 31, 2017 0

Due to a flood of copies from China, a person looking into purchasing medical... Read more

TICS Course- February 11th

Concealed Carry Jan 29, 2017 0

  On February 11, TRS will be again offering our TICS (Tactical Incident Care... Read more
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